I feel pleasantly tired after a hard day’s work out in the garden. After a leisurely Sunday morning breakfast, we set ourselves to digging up the front garden, digging out the self-seeded budlea bushes and removing the old water feature and its pebbles. Then we dug our rubbish garden soil over with beautiful, fragrant, crumble in your fingers compost from the compost bins and planted up Chinese Rowan tree cornered by dogwood.

Following this, and even though strictly speaking it was lunch time by now, we continued on to muck out the rabbits and the chickens, taking advantage of half-empty compost bins to compost the animal and chicken poo.

When it came to making lunch, it being gone 4 o’clock by then we decided to have our dinner early instead and Emma cooked us the tuna and pasta bake from the Slimming World magazine, which we consumed, along with Christmas Pudding for afters (to make up for Emma missing hers on Christmas Day) whilst watching my friend and web clients, new National Geographic archaeology programme:

Now, we are settling down for a lazy evening and the enjoyment of tonight’s episode of Sherlock.