I have a weird brain. Who else could have taken my random thought and turned it into a novel about a lonely man who marries his imaginary friend, has an imaginary child, and then they become real? This lunchtime, during an entertaining conversation with my friend Kirsty Harris aka Dr Orchid, I think I may have the beginnings of my next, crazy, mixed up, wonky-to-the-core story…

You Were My Betty

Charlotte is a straight As student in the final year of university, distinctions with virtually her every essay – First Class Honours can only be all but a formality.

She is working on her final dissertation, a labour of love and hours of research in the making, with the pet name of ‘Betty’. When her supervisor is unexpectantly taken ill she has no on to talk through her ideas.

Then she meets a girl who is to become her closest of friends: Elizabeth. She seems to know everything about the subject – an invaluable and irreplaceable help to her – utterly clueless when it comes to real life. When the dissertation is finished, Charlotte realises how much she has come to depend on her, and finds it hard to accept that she must leave.

That’s when she realises the Elizabeth, now her closest of friends, is actually her own dear Betty, her dissertation in human form…

Yeah, that’s right. I have a weird brain.