About nine years ago rachel2205 interviewed me in five questions. After being reminded of this last weekend, she asked me five more…

1. If you could save just ONE object (i.e. not a living thing, assume they are safe!) from a fire in your house, what would it be?

This is a painful question for me considering what happened to my parent’s house eleven years ago. It’s horrible. Completely earth-destroyingly horrible and I don’t want to think about it. I think I am going to have to treat this like they do on Desert Island Discs when it comes to the luxury question and treat all my photographs (digital and physical) with negatives as one object and say that. Even when you lose everything else, photographs can help bring back the memories. But its still a horrible, impossible, question that I don’t like to think about. Think of your most prized belonging, then turn around and see another. Go upstairs and see another. A lot of stuff is replaceable, but so much is irreplaceable and to ask someone to choose just one. And so to the follow up…

2. Would you like to acquire any pets that aren’t cats?

I think, at the right time, in the right circumstances, we would both quite like a dog. But its impossible at the moment. It wouldn’t be fair on the seven cats, and whilst you can go out and leave cats, you need to be able to come home at lunchtime to walk a dog.

3. What’s your favourite part of Oxford?

It would be too obvious to say Jericho, but it is lovely and has a good feel to it. I love Little Clarendon Street, first thing in the morning, on a cold, clear, autumn morning. Or Brasenose Lane – don’t ask me why? Then there’s the university parks on a warm, sunny, Spring day, or the way you turn off the London Road in Headington and are suddenly in Old Headington with a distinctly rural, country feel.

4. What was your favourite holiday?

All these favourites. I find it very hard to pick favourites in anything. Maybe this is is because I find it hard to make decisions. The National Trust holiday to Bransdale Mill in the North York Moors is a perrenial favourite, as is my holiday to Estonia in 2003. I think that might have been part of a turning point in me. I made the most friends, I had the confidence to buy and wear my amber necklace. But my favourite? I think it has to be my honeymoon in 2006. Okay, so it wasn’t the Nambian safari we had planned, but it was perfect. Perfect weather, no rain to speak of, and our little red cottage on the private island of Eilean Shona.

5. What are you most excited about for 2012?

I’m looking forward to having a year when I don’t have to reapply for my own job. I’m also looking forward to the year that I self-ePublish my novel, The End Of All Worlds. I’m also very much looking forward to our holiday this summer to Iceland. My fourth trip to the country, but the first time that I will go full circle around the country, and I’m looking forward to sharing that all with Emma.

If you want to be interviewed, comment below, and I’ll ask you 5 questions, which you then post in your journal, whilst also asking people if they want to be interviewed. Do you see?