Not that it is over yet – I am about to embark on some more drawing/illustrating – but this weekend has been, if very, very cold, very enjoyable too.

Yesterday, Ros and Nick came over for the afternoon with James and Sophie, and we had a nice if bitterly cold walk to our local park and then beyond to Bure Park nature reserve before returning home to the snuggly warmth of our home and a cup of tea and a chat. It was very nice to catch up, and then Ros and Nick left just before the snow began to fall. We had sausages and mash for dinner (no gravy pancakes this week!) and I spent the evening sketching illustrations for the chapter headings of The End Of All Worlds. Scarily I am actually now 12 down of the estimated 36 needed – which is an alarminly large amount of the work already done! 🙂

Today, has been a quieter day. We had a lazy start to the morning, for me porridge for breakfast with cinnamon, blueberries and honey and just a dash of milk, and a read of the Sunday paper before we got moving. After feeding the animals, we had a bit of a walk round the estate, had a spot of lunch, and then went on a drive up to Brill Hill for the view. Now we’re back home to hibernate in front of the fake fire, and I’m about to do some more illustrating…

Current Location: Oxfordshire