Following my lunch today I finished off the illustration left from last night whilst seated at the table in the little office kitchen. Whilst I was there one of the anthropologist lecturers came in for his lunch, heated up his soup and then nervously came and brought it to the table, positioning it as far as possible from me. He confessed that he was scared that he was going to splatter my drawings.

With these two, and the one that I have done tonight of Nelly’s bar in Reykjavik (in the story, it is in the basement of a bar like this where Hanna Katla rehearses with her band mates), I have completed 25 illustrations now, with just 11 more to go. I think that’s the total anyway – need to double check precisely how many chapters are (there may actually be 38…), and I’m done. 🙂

I’m having fun illustrating my novel. Can you tell?