I really thought I had the slipped through some wormhole in time and ended up on April Fool’s Day when I read this article on how the conservative Policy Exchange thinktank thinks that teachers should run John Lewis-style schools for profit. Excuse me?

Have our government been spending so much time in John Lewis that they think everything should be run on that model? Don’t misunderstand me, I think the John Lewis is great … for shops. For schools, not so much…

Teachers should be encouraged to take a stake in John Lewis-style partnerships to run state schools as profit-making enterprises, according to proposals outlined by the conservative Policy Exchange thinktank.

What’s wrong with forgetting about league tables and selection and making all schools equally as good as each other. There would of course be some fluctuation from year to year, and place to place, some would be better, some would be not so good, and others would be on average, good. But that’s not going to happen is it!