I’ve been reading a daily paper for five months now, and I have to say I like it. There are some days when I do it. You know the ones; the ones where you don’t have time to read much of it, and when you do you find there’s not much of interest to read. Even on those abdays though, I read the top stories – or the top story – and dip into the comment, and this gives me more in depth knowledge of what’s happening than I get from TV or Radio. TV and Radio news is great, but reading it seems to stick in my mind better and be absorbed.

And then there are the days like today when it seems thoroughly worth it. A quick roundup then, in no particular order…

What publishers really mean in their rejection letters – not really news as its just a roundup of last week’s Twitter meme of #publishingeuphemisms. How does something so simple end up being both so funny, and so utterly depressing, at the same time?

Autism: how computers can help – it’s a subject close to my heart. I’ve written in these pages before about I totally and utterly believe that without social networking, blogging and the internet I would not be here, today, with the life that I now have and love. That said, I do also totally agree with what they say in this article about how it is necessary to be watchful. The internet and computers can help people with Aspergers to find their place but in the world but they must find that place outside of the safe, computer shell, at some point.

Climate change will shake the Earth – its reading articles like this that make me wish that my novel, The End Of All Worlds was already available here, and now. The world has always been changing, its changing now, and it will change, in the future. It’s a fragile planet that we live on.