It’s good to see the father of the internet Tim Berners-Lee urging the government to stop the snooping bill. I really hope they listen.

What I don’t understand is why the government think that it’s going to make the world a safer place to know the ins and outs of everything we do and say online. Yes, I know that bad people are planning bad things via the internet, just they are doing exactly the same thing on the phone, in the back rooms of pubs, and front rooms across the country. And you know what, they always will, for as long as there are bad people in the world. But this doesn’t mean that they need to snoop on us all. If it does, why do they not have a civil servant standing in the corner of all our front rooms and public houses taking notes of everything we say?

And how many years has the Royal Mail been in existence? Never have they seriously suggested that the government should be keeping a record of every piece of post that is delivered. Even if they did, unless they made it compulsory for every piece of mail to have not just the recipient’s details displayed on the front, but also the the sender’s and a brief subject line of what it’s about. So why are email and online transactions any different? It just doesn’t make sense.