Many people find that after a long, stressful day at work, the evening commute can be just the antidote that one needs to calm you down ready to enjoy the evening. It kind of works in reverse too, I’ve found.

I was late leaving for work today thanks to me being unable to get the bolt back across on the door to the chicken coop after feeding. I tried cajolling at it, swearing at it, bashing it with a brick and going and getting a hammer to tap it into place. In the end I stacked bricks up outside it… And then, because I was way past the normal leaving time because of this, I then proceeded in leaving thanks to having to unlock the door three times to go back in and, in turn, turn off the dishwasher, close the bedroom window, and get my coat.

Thankfully, the roads were not too heavy in traffic (once I’d got through Bicester and past the people who seemingly don’t know the rules of roundabouts) and the morning light was beautiful, the morning radio was good, and I arrived at work (in the end) not too late and de-stressed of the morning frustrations.