Rhiannon Lassiter asked me today, why shepline?

In a follow up to her question she said she rather liked @shepwords and yes, that does seem rather cool, but I am shepline online, and in sorts offline, for longer than I can remember. Indeed, the answer is too long for 140 characters and so I shall explain myself here.

It all began with a doodle on the back of a maths book and other school folders. I would draw simple, elongated words spelling out shepline and take the tail end of the e into a line, from where, eventually, a tuft of grass would sprout and a sheep would nibble. Shep for Shepherd, and a thus also a sheep, and line for the line. So shepline. I used the name as my “company name” in various childlike activities but when I needed a business name for the tax man, shepline seemed like the obvious choice. Later still, when I started this journal, shepline was me. Shepline was how my wife first new me when we met on match.com. In so many ways now shepline is as much my name as my real name.