Technically, today’s review was the third review, but the first two, however balanced they were (and I think they were), were done by friends and family. Today I received my first review from a complete stranger. It wasn’t unsolicited though – I found the reviewer on the Review Seekers Facebook Group and sent a free copy. Today I got a 4-star review from Linda Hall:

Separately to this review I also had the following comment which I think gives the review added validity as well giving me pause to thought about whether or not I’ve got the cover blurb quite right for enticing in readers…

I wouldn’t normally ‘choose’ to read your book, based on the description, but I am so glad I did. I liked the way it moved along, turning into something different to what it seemed at first. very cleverly put together!

Something else that this review has done though, is that it has given me added confidence. I think there was a nagging part of me that was saying, even though I have really worked the novel and got it as good as I can, because it hadn’t been chosen by someone to be published it was somehow lacking in some way. This is clearly nonsense!