Yesterday, after a day at work, it was still gloriously sunny (if a bit on the blustery and therefore cool side) and so I headed out into the garden to sit and write. The garden is such a nice place at this time of year – I think its my favourite time of the year in the garden.

I’m really pleased that, having now published The End Of All Worlds, I am able at last to get back to the small matter of Mr Tumnal’s story. Part of the reason for not getting back to it for so long was I reached one of those points in the story where I wasn’t exactly where to go next at that point, ie. not sure how to write the bit that would take me where it needed to go. I’ve achieved this now. Possibly, maybe, this might have been in part to yesterday’s review of The End Of All Worlds. To have a complete stranger read and like, and say something interesting about your book really does make you realise that the book does have something. Maybe its not so polished as a conventionally published book? Maybe it is? It’s still a damn good story that can give pleasure to people who read it.

Last night’s writing, which did have the effect of delaying the making of dinner felt good. Even if I got close to scaring myself witless with the evilness of a character. I’m assured by the master of the scary, Michelle Harrison, that this is a good sign: that if you succeed in scaring yourself whilst writing it then you’re onto a good thing.

Furthermore, I’ve also worked out in my head exactly how it is that my hero resolves the story, which is always good to know. 🙂