So, the powers that be continue to talk about reform of the House or Lords. It has to be said that I think I am, too, against a wholly or partly elected second chamber to UK politics. But I think I have a solution.

Firstly, all positions of office should be for fixed terms and there should be some safe guard that contacts made whilst in office do not put holders in an advantageous position afterwards either in business or pursuing a career in elected politics.

The House of Lords should be apolitical

The make up of the second chamber should be one of people appointed to hold a term of office. This should be done in two ways:

  • appointed by some apolitical means of people with knowledge/respect of business, profession and academia.
  • appointed from the general population in a similar way as with jury service, and employers would be required to honour this with time off on full pay

Does this sound like a truly fair system to you? Or am I missing something obvious (other than yes, it is a good system, and therefore has no chance of being brought in)…?