Since receiving the latest version of The End Of All Worlds and my bravery of taking it into Cole’s Books, I’ve taken it up myself to read. It’s an odd experience reading back one’s own words. I’m used to it of course, having taken it through umpteen drafts and revision after revision, but I’ve never, ever, read something of my own which has been bought and owned and read by other people and is in some way published.

Firstly, you might think that I know every twist and turn and nuance of the story, but there are a surprisingly (and I think, refreshingly) large amount of the story that comes as just as much as a surprise as if I am reading it.

Secondly, it’s weird, but those words that I have written look different when read on the printed, published page. Just sometimes, I read a phrase, and I can’t help think, did I write that? I hope that doesnߣ sound boastful or deceitful, I’m just finding it weird to read back words that I have written. Like I said, its just really, really weird…

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