Day 1: Tuesday 24 August

It may be my fourth visit to Iceland but I have never before arrived in the hours of darkness. To keep to our budget we couldn’t afford the normal mid-morning flight that I’ve always had, so we set off for our adventures mid-afternoon to leave our car at Emma’s parents before being ferried to Heathrow in the Jefferys taxi.

We didn’t see any post-Olympics athletes catching flights but there loads of Games Makers in evidence outside. Our bags caused a certain amount of amusement to the cheerful man on the check-in desk as both our bags back-flipped and somersaulted over the conveyor belt.

A dinner of pizza air-side of security and we board our plane just after 9pm for our journey north and having walked seemingly miles to get to our get to our gate. Whilst cruising north over Britain we watched a short ‘how to guide’ on driving in Iceland which was just a little bit scary. Eeek!

On the inflight entertainment I found a couple of episodes of the comedy series Dagvatn (Day Shift) – a follow up to the hit Night Shift which we had encountered during a BBC4 Iceland season – and painfully funny!

As we journeyed further north and it got closer towards midnight it felt weird that it got lighter and lighter outside the plane.

Arriving at the airport we moved swiftly through the sleek lines of angled stone walls and polished wood floors – our bags arrived quickly and we headed out to find our bus. I had a slight confusion over the Flybus ticket, as when we got to the bus I discovered that they had sold me a Flybus Plus ticket which I didn’t need and that I should go back for a refund. So I ran back to the terminal and back again to the bus much to Emma’s hilarity.

The journey into Reykjavik after that was very smooth and Aði was waiting to collect us at some ungodly hour. We were welcomed into the house by Auntie Janet, introduced to Táta and – amusingly – a little ginger cat called Emma(!), chatted for a bit before retiring to bed.

Day 2: Reacquainting oneself with Reykjavik…