It’s been 14 years since I first met my friends Iain and Linzi Murray. It was on Lundy Island, and the scene of my second (of many) National Trust working holidays. That was the holiday that I met Kate – the schizophrenic manic depressive ex-girlfriend (not that I knew that until after it was too late). It’s been 14 years since I last saw them last, but we’ve kept in contact every year since by telephone and email. They’ve always been quite far away from me – either up in Yorkshire or down in Cornwall – but where having a weekend up in Oxfordshire and so this afternoon they came over for tea and dinner.

It’s the first time they’ve met Emma but we all got on fabulously, and they really haven’t changed a bit in all those years. They are such lovely, lovely people, and its been really nice to catch up properly. Must try and make it not so long next time to be apart from such good friends.