There is really cool author promo event running on Facebook throughout December called Christmas For Authors. I decided to participate in it as it helps Indie authors (like me) get exposure and helps to boost book sales. We authors have donated books for giveaways and charity. The Author I’ve adopted is Angella Graff. This means I’ll be promoting her for the next seven days, so please go on over and give her facebook page a like!

I first came across Angella after she reviewed my own book, and then offered to interview me about it. I’ve just started reading her book, Moments Collide, and already I’m captivated by the quality of the writing and the storytelling…

“There are no beginnings or endings, just a series of moments colliding.”

Felix LaPage was a young man with huge musical aspirations. Growing up, Felix developed a love of music, and with his cello, worked his way through school to try and become a musical success.

However, that’s not the whole story. While working toward his musical dreams, Felix met a woman who would change the course of his life, but not necessarily in a good way. With this woman, Rayne, Felix learns that not everyone is kind or selfless. Struggling through Rayne’s verbal and emotional abuse, Felix also must face getting over her multiple affairs.

It’s one night, on a long train-ride home, where Felix meets a young woman who shows him a different path, a path that could lead to his own personal happiness, free of struggle and pain. It’s up to Felix, however, to choose whether or not he’s meant to walk the painful path with Rayne, or a path that allows him to be free.