~ After the dangerously slippy roads of yesterday (with the dusting of snow we had), this morning was cold, damn cold. Apparently last night it got to -7ºC. Bbrrr… So today I went to work the shorter but slower way of straight down the A34, then (following the lead of Laura and Steve) on down the Banbury road into the centre of Oxford and straight through the middle. Controversial, but it seemed to work.

~ Had to squeeze in a visit to see Auntie Helen at the vets in the evening. The graze on Scooter’s eye had got worse and Emma has been on night’s this week so I had to take him. Part way through the consult Emma arrived on her way back from seeing Lily and her sister. Scooter needs to come back in tomorrow for an operation to remove a flap that has developed on the surface of the eye.

~ After a pleasant evening at band playing Christmas music I get home – after a short diversion through Chesterton because of a car accident on the A41 – to find Emma, far from getting ready for work, lying sprawled on the floor in front of the sofa having fainted with exhaustion – the night shift’s having caught up with her. There is no way that she can go to work tonight, having just fainted and so I have to phone up – and wake – the bosses to let them know.