~ Further to last night’s late night developments, and the need to take Scooter to the vets for his eye operation, and the need to take Emma to the doctor for a checkup after last night, it seems sensible to phone in and check that its alright to work from home. It is, so I do.

~ During the course of the day I take in a parcel for the house across the way, and when they come round to collect it we discover that we have friendly neighbours. Emma talks to them a bit and through them, and their keeping of three large French lop-eared bunnies , we learn of the existence of Fringford Feeds when you can get a whole hay or bale of straw for under a fiver.

~ After I finish work foe day, we use the time going for a short drive to Fringford to stock up on hay, and coming home via Launton to go to the butchers, and then finally into work to collect Scooter. Scooter is now wearing a contact lens to protect his eye whilst it heals.