So, in the last week I have entered the world of the tablet computers with the reasonably priced Kindle Fire HD.

Basically I love it. I do have two slight gripes with it. One, the battery life. It’s advertised as 10 hours but I’ve needed to give it a charge once every day. Two, its very much a web-enabled device and works brilliantly as such but needs to be tweeked and fiddled with to make it useful as a standalone. It’s also not currently possible to connect a camera or external memory card to the device (although I’m sure this will become possible in time).

From first connection it is very easy to setup, and the screen is brilliantly clear. It’s also based on the android operating system so most android apps work with it, and of course it syncs brilliantly with my ‘proper’ kindle.

With the addition the a stylus pen and the full Word-like app I am able to load my novels onto it and edit them complete with track changes which is going to be a bonus. You can even install Flash Player and a neat browser called Dolphin in order to access more Flash rich web content.

So far, I’m impressed. Very impressed. Oh, and I might have become just a little bit obsessed with Angry Birds…