Today has been non-stop. Emma’s been at work all day. Now she has busy, tiring work days – not like my sit down at the computer for 7½ hours a day – but today I really feel that I have worked hard. First off was collecting The Bird from John The Butcher in Launton, before heading into Bicester for the veg and a few other things. I can’t believe how wet it’s been today. So, so wet.

Home to put the shopping away, rearrange the fridges… and a brief break for lunch.

Then I was back to it. Cleaning the kitchen, dusting,scrubbing up cat puke stains and hoovering the house from top to bottom before moving straight on into cooking dinner and making some Hairy Bikers diet pasties. Whilst I caught up with the first five episodes of the excellent Grimm Thoughts series that has been on all this week on Radio 4 with Marina Walker. Thanks go to for pointing me in the direction of it.