Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a trip to see Creation Theatre Company’s latest show. This year, the prospect of going was tinged with sadness that this might be the last time we would get to see them. After a tourist drought this summer caused by the Olympics and a month’s worth of rain falling on their opening night for the outdoor Shakespeare they were £30,000 down on takings and faced with the real prospect of closing after their Christmas show. After month’s of fundraising, I think, we can be cautioiusly optimistic that they might live to fight another day.

Last year’s A Christmas Carol was truly magical, so it seems hard to imagine how they could top that, but top it they did. With song, and dance, slight of hand, old-school theatrics and stunning acrobatics, this is definitely a how not to be missed. It’s still running until 5 January, so please, you really should catch it if you can.

I’ve seen quite a few of Charlotte Conquest’s Creation shows before and they all brilliant – every time you wonder how she can beat the last – and evey time she does. Aladdin and the Magical Lamp is no different. Stand out for me was the appearance of the Ring Jinnee (played by Anna O’Loughlin), who appeared not in a puff of smoke but out of two silk ribbons that unfurled from the sky. Just how she did the acrobatics I don’t know, but she did, and all without safety ropes, and it was simply amazing. From her appearance, small, sprite, and feisty, I was wondering what they were going to for the Lamp Jinnee. I knew it would contrast wonderfully but I couldn’t have predicted just how he contrasted. As monolithic as stone he appeared in a slamming of wood down onto the stage, he was dry and sardonic – the antithesis to the Ring Jinnee (although watch out for the twist at the end… 🙂 ).

The whole production was simply amazing, and one that I really didn’t want to end, and of course the now traditional pre-theatre and interval crepes just added to the ambiance.

In the meantime, be amazed at Anna’s acrobatics on silks…