There’s an article in today’s Guardian which seems to want to suggest the rise of traditional print book sales eBooks. It seems obvious to me that in the run up to Christmas that you will see more physical books sold – you can’t currently gift eBooks to people, and I have a feeling that it is this more than anything that goes to explain this rise. After all, one of the big sellers has been Jamie Oliver’s New cookbook of 15 minute meals. If my own use of the Kindle Fire is anything to go by then the cookbook will be one of the first to go to the eVersion… it’s so convenient to have next to you to cook by.

The article also goes on to suggest that the *humble* eReader has had its peak of sales as people flock to tablets. Again, I’m not so sure… I discovered yesterday that reading a book on my Kindle Fire was actually quite comfortable (or rather less uncomfortable than I had imagined), but for battery life alone the eInk eReader cannot be beaten (except by a print book that never crashes and never dies).

I would also hope that if there is a real, sustained rise in print books again, it is just the convenience of the eReader and the tablets that has led to people falling back in love with reading and from that the pleasure of reading from the turning of real not virtual pages.