One of the joys of the post-Christmas and pre-New Year holidays is those long afternoons in the fading light, tucked up on the sofa with the Christmas tree across the room, reading… reading lots and lots. So, a roundup of a couple of books I finished in the last couple of days…

Someone Else’s Fairytale by Emily Mah Tippetts
This isn’t the usual genre that as I read, and it probably wouldn’t have entered my radar had Twitter not recommended me as someone that the author should be talking to. But I’m very glad that whatever algorithms Twitter uses put us together, because this a genuinely interesting, funny, and entertaining book.

I don’t like the Twilight saga – I know because I tried reading them. I mention this because this story’s central idea is based on the film’s of that series and how everyone should be in love with the main stars but that not everyone is. I feel a bit like Chloe in this story but where instead of ending up liking Jason Vanderholt I find myself unknowingly falling in love with chicklit. Who would ever have thought that we could happen?

Grubson Pug’s Christmas Voyage by Jane-Anne Hodgson
An entertaining, modern fairytale about a family of dogs, and what we should wish for at Christmas. When Mr Brunson takes a voyage before Christmas to get presents for his children, it is his youngest, Henri, who wants nothing more than to h as ‘ve his father home for Christmas Day. When there’s a stir. at sea, even that simple perish seems to be in doubt…

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