As night follows day, so today follows Twelfth Night. We weren't too bothered about the traditions of when decorations come as their dies seem to be a fair amount of difference of opinion as to whether it's the 5th or 6th, and we just didn't have time yesterday.

I removed all the decorations and lights from the tree and then took it round the front to dig a large hole to plant it in. I had to cut it out of it's pot though and I'm not sure how well it will grow as the main tap root has been cut. With the 2012 tree safely planted we carried on with cleaning out the chickens and the bunnies. After that we finished with the decorations and vacuumed round before a a nice as soothing bowl of turkey soup – the last of the turkey soup.

After Emma being off-colour last week, yesterday I seem to have got the bug. I had a headache on Friday night and a persistent tummy ache yesterday and today – the turkey soup was just what was required.

This afternoon has been altogether more snuggly. As the joint of pork roasted I read chapters from both Revelations by Diana Wynne Jones and Joanne Harris' Runemarks and did some more writing of my own Mr Tumnal. I'm also very excited to discover that there is a new sequel to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. This time the action happens Before Midnight and takes Celine and Jesse to Greece. Another nine years have passed both in between the films and in the story. I'm very excited, and can't wait. Can't quite believe it's 18 years since I first fell in love with the films!