With the news that camera retailer Jessops has entered administration comes the much touted reason that it is because “the amateur market collapsed because people who once bought cameras found that they had these things on their smartphones and they used those instead, and the professionals found that they could use online niche specialists who were cheaper and often had more extensive ranges”.

I’m not sure if this is the case but maybe that’s because although I find the camera on my smartphone fun and convenient it is no replacement for even my small compact camera. That said I do have friends who never carry their cameras with them, even on holidays to foreign countries (!!), in favour of just recording memories on their phones. I can’t understand this – okay for a phone they are good quality but only in good light conditions…

If this is true, that people are rejecting their cameras for their phones, I find it very sad. Digital cameras really opened up photography for people because compared to film it was relatively cheap to be involved with at a big level. But if only serious photographers are going for cameras then the smartphone is a backward step.

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