Today’s snowfall has been much-publicised, so much so that both Kirsty and I arranged yesterday to work from our respective homes. When it came to this morning there was just the lightest of dustings left on the ground from yesterday evening and I could definitely have driven in to work, but I knew this would be silly. Whilst a lot of people seemed to be commenting online about how much of a fuss over nothing everyone was making of it, I knew that it wasn’t the getting to work so much as the getting back from work would be the problem.

By 8 o’clock the snow had started to fall, and by 10 o’clock the inches were mounting up. by 2 o’clock in the afternoon work was beginning to close already because of the weather. I had definitely made the right decision; being far more productive at home than I would have ever have been had I gone into Oxford and spent however long on the road trying to get home again.

When Emma got back from work – her last day at Bicester Vets – we went out again and she drove me to the butchers in Launton to get our meat, I had a walk around the local park in the snow before retreating to the warm indoors to wait for the shopping order to arrive which arrived only 2 minutes late! Tomorrow, we will have to venture out to get our veg from the market, and if we can, a new bale of hay from Fringford. A walk in the snow would be nice. I think my favourite image of the day was the one above of the witchhazel seemingly flowering out of snow.

I love snow. 🙂