Reflections: on the magic of writingReflections: on the magic of writing by Diana Wynne Jones

This is a must-read book for anyone who has a love of stories and of making thing up. It’s also the book to read if you’ve read even just one Diana Wynne Jones book and loved it, let alone if you’ve read them all. There’s a handy bibliography at the back with a list of all her books and I note that I think I still have a few to read. This is both shocking and comforting, as I can’t ever really imagine not having a new DWJ book on my to read shelf.

It’s hard to know how to review this book in precisely the same way that it is hard to pick apt quotes from it. If I were to we quote every bit that needed to be quoting it would be 320 pages long and the book I have just read.

So rather than quote any more, I say “just read the damn book!”. You really won’t regret it.