boneland+001Boneland by Alan Garner

When I discovered that Alan Garner had written a new Alderley book I was both excited and nervous. His later books have a tendency to be weird, or, in the case of Thursbitch, down right incomprehensible…

In preparation for reading this book I re-read both the earlier books, not that I really needed to as this does make a fine, standalone, novel. Boneland is advertised as adult sequel to the earlier children’s books. I think it makes a great crossover book no less accessible for younger readers and a great example of what I call real-world fantasy.

After my fears I really enjoyed this book and found out actually a better, stronger, and more highly conceived book than either Weirdstone or Gomrath. They are now to the earlier books and the setting is just as inspiring; it is also a brilliant story of what happens after the events of some of the most epic fantasy tales.