As is my way, after a flurry of writing activity is all gone a bit quiet again. In part, that is because I’ve found myself busy doing geeky, all-consuming, submersive webby/journal-style stuff. In this case it has been the process of styling the new, WordPress-based home, of my journal into something presentable and that I am happy with.

I’ve also been busy reading. 8 books this year, which for me is unprecedented. Between that and geeky web stuff I’ve but haven’t had the energy to also be writing. Add to that that the place where I left off was some major denouement, it has taken a while to get going again.

One of the geeky things things that I have done is to import my journal to WordPress and this has involved reviewing and remembering the things that I have thought, felt, and written. One of those things I have written about is how H2O+CL (or swimming) had been an elixir of creativity for me. So it was that this morning, whilst having a shower, the dialogue started coming and I knew how it began.

To add to the creative moment, during the drive to work I also worked out some images for, and plot development of the follow up novel to The End Of All Worlds. Why is that I get the best inspiration at the most inconvenient of times.