276750The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories by Angela Carter

When I first encountered Angela Carter’s writing I was at school and doing my A-Levels and the book was <em>The Magic Toyshop</em>. I had no prior knowledge and no expectations, and I loved it, with its true, magic realism.

It’s almost 20 years on since I read that first book, and I feel a bit guilty for not having read anything else by Angella Carter since then. I’ve heard a lot of very good things said about her collection of short story retellings of fairytales that compile this book. Whilst <em>The Bloody Chamber</em> and <em>The Company of Wolves</em> (and the two other stories based on the theme of Red Riding Hood) are amazing, I’m not sure if the volume as a whole lived up to my expectations.

Definitely worth reading though, if like me, you are obsessed, or at all interested in fairytales, traditional tales and their modern day retellings.