18053822Alexandra Fry, Private Eye: The Curse of the Lion’s Heart by Angella Graff

It’s very fitting that half the proceeds of this book are going to the Tucson Alliance for Autism as people with Aspergers or Autism often find it hard to fit in, and are picked out as odd-balls and ‘different’ by their contempories at school.

Alexandra Fry is just such an ‘oddball’ (if you want to use that word, and I don’t, because being something of an oddball myself, its also what makes you special). Alexandra is friendless and alone when she starts at new school but soon befriends Penelope, the child of the most popular teacher in school, and Jack, the out-cast English boy with no parents. Alexandra can also see ghosts and its these ghosts that get her in mischief and help her solve crimes and mysteries.

I read this book in one day, as it was quite simply, unputdownable. I loved reading it, and no amount of words in a review are going to be able to make me put that across, so just down well make this the next book you read.

Myself, I’m going to look forward to the next in the series. There better be a next in the series!