So I’ve got 400+ pages of novel sitting before me on my desk. Some would probably call it wasteful resources to print out an entire first draft like this, especially as for the first time ever I intend to do much of my reading and revision with the aid of my KIndle. I have to print it though, I need to see it, there, in front of me on my desk. 400+ pages of story.

971777_10151761107385630_554948715_nSo I’ve also done a quick’n’dirty conversion to eBook format. I say, quick’n’dirty – I could have been quicker but even when its for my own benefit I still have my own exacting standards to deliver. It has style, and chapter breaks, and a full table of contents. I even had to give it a rudimentary cover (of sorts). And I’ve started to read it too…

There are errors. I’ve got quite a bit of present-tense slipping in. That’s to be expected though, for some of these early chapters were written at the same time as The End Of All Worlds was still a wip. I’ve also identified a number or Louis/Lewis inconsistencies that I’ve had to sort out. It’s therefore not even yet ready for my first of Beta readers to have a go at (and laught at, and tear it shreds), but encouragingly story-wise it still hangs together. It’s still all good. I’m still loving the story of Mr Tumnal.

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