You had that look in your eyes
and that purr that defined you.
You always knew what you wanted
and were very good at telling us.
You were loving
and dependable.
You couldn’t catch birds
and micickles; but you did manage worms.
You loved your cat nip
(sometimes too much).
Your randy raccoon made you happy
(but we won’t embarrass you by telling anyone)
You loved your mummy
more than anyone
but you like Thomas too.
I loved the way you would sit,
like a little old man,
leaning on the arm of my sofa with your arm under you.
If you could drive, it would be
an old, clapped out, sports car.
You had your eccentricities
and your funny ickle ways.
But its what made you you.
And that’s what made us love you

RonnieJefferysRonnie Jefferys
6 May 1998 – 13 August 2013