So, after much media hype the storm to end all storms (as it was billed) proved to be somewhat disapointing. It seems odd to say something that wasn’t as devastating as it could have been is disappointing. Please don’t think for a minute that I would have wanted it devastating for any property, life, or the environment, but I think, if I’m honest I was hoping for some kind of extreme of weather. Extremes of weather are exciting which is why people do go down to the sea tho look at the waves coming in, it go out and arrange in the rain during thunderstorms. Aside from half an hour of moderately heavy rain at 6 o’clock this morning we didn’t have any (non-devastating) drama.

The roads were blissfully quiet on the way to work though, and by half-seven it was the most beautiful autumnal day, so there were plus points… 🙂