So friend and author Angella Graff gave me 11 in the random things about me you might not know meme… given that these pages are full of the weird and random, hey, you probably do already know them.

1. I love books and reading, probably more than is healthy. But I love writing more. Consequently there are so many books out there I haven’t read and wish I had. This year I’ve read 30 books to date, and that’s like, double my typical average yearly count. I’m not as well-read as I would like to.

2. I talk to myself. All the time. And not just talking, but full-blown conversations, arguments, or debates. And I don’t always agree with myself.

3. I remember the weirdest things; the kind of things that most people tend to forget or not even notice. At the same time I can be dreadfully unobservant of things that everyone else notices straightaway.

4. My first bit of writing was a theatre script for a Star Trek story which features an exploding washing machine. I had my toy theatre with its actors of Play People and I made a set which had real soap suds oosing out across the stage.

5. When I was young I couldn’t pronounce the word ‘vegetable’. Even now, I can remember being taught it: veg-e-table…

6. Most people say rant, r-aunt, but I have always favour r-ant. Makes sense to me.

7. I cry when I see trees fall down or get cut down.

8. I believe passionately in the importance of libraries. I remember Saturday mornings in Lowestoft Central Library and coming away from there with an armful of books every so fondly. I feel a bit hypocritical though that I don’t use them enough now and worry that I am partly responsible for their decline.

9. When I’m writing a new story, I often imagine listening to Front Row on the radio (or similar) and hearing critics review the finished book. It’s not all praise though, I hear the detracting comments too…

10. There are words that, as many times as I have to spell them, I can never spell them right. Effect and affect. Nope I still can’t get them the right way in my head. I can do its and it’s now, but boy did it take ages…

11. I worked for a decade in academic publishing and all that time I had a Post-It not stuck to my computer monitor reminding me the difference between Harvard and Vancouver references. I know one’s Author/Date and one’s Numbered. I still can’t remember for certainty which is which…

Wow, that’s some list of ephemera of things you probably didn’t want to know, and would have been too scared to ask… When I was given this challenge I really didn’t think I would get to eleven! Want a go yourself, comment here, and I’ll give your number of random things. 

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