On the fifth day of advent: a long day

Worked a 10-hour day today, thanks to Emma kindly dropping me off at work and then collecting me again at the end of the day. What it did mean though, is that instead of working my normal 8:30 to 4:30 hours, in order to fit in with Emma’s 8 till 5, I ended up at my desk from 7:30 to 5:30…

Still, I feel a bit more confident about things now. My boss has been brilliant about my news and is supporting the idea that I should be able to work from home home more regularly to complement me getting the bus mostly. And I’ve resolved getting to band. Neil, our new conductor, lives, like our last two out near Northampton and is able to drop by and collect me on the way to band so that’s good.

Something that I did find a bit much to deal with today was the bombshell news that my brilliant boss is not going to be my boss for much longer. Come February she’s leaving us for a new job elsewhere. For me, this is just at the point when I really glad that with things how they are, that I had a nice supportive boss. I really didn’t deal with that very well at all, and all but burst into tears in her office! Which was okay, because she is understanding like that.