I always knew that going to the Post Office on the Saturday before Christmas was going to involve queuing – lots of queuing – but I don’t think my brain had really processed just how long a queue would be involved.

The Post Office in Bicester is a very long, very narrow shop – at the far end of a newsagents – and when we joined the queue we were able to see the doors to Sheep Street better than we could see the counters where we wanted our Christmas stamps. I think I must have been stood there for the best part of 40 minutes in all! But stamps were bought, and international cards posted, even if there was for a moment, a thought going through my head, that I would still be stood there waiting when Neil came to collect me to take me to concert band this afternoon ahead of our concert this evening

To refuel ourselves after the wait, Emma and I treated ourselves to a sausage roll and a sticky ginger cupcake from the farmer’s market for lunch. :-)

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