17120587The Man Who Rained by Ali Shaw

This is the natural follow-up to Ali Shaw’s brilliant debut, The Girl With Glass Feet. It is every bit as beautifully and lyrically written as that story, but it is in a way a simpler tale. The story is set in remote, back-water America, but the landscape that presents itself to me in my mind is that of a remote, west coast, Scottish Isle, and the people (with perhaps the exception of Elsie) also, in my mind, hark from that area.

Whilst The Girl With Glass Feet left you with the impression that it was a proper modern fairytale, and a story that could be read as either fantasy or allegory, The Man Who Rained can only be read as the fantasy that it is.

It is a beautiful fantasy story though, one with a small cast of well drawn characters, and you really, really want things to work out for Elsie and Finn.

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