Last week I reminisced about my library use of yore. With my reading volume in 2014 having gone up a gear (or two), I’ve decided that I really ought to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak and acually try using them again. So…

They do hand car washing in the new town centre car park now and as mine has not been cleaned in, errm, an unspecified amount of time , we decided to get it done. They were busy so it would be about an hour and so we decided to wander around to Old Place Yard and take a look at our local library.

Emma remembers using this very same library as a little girl. We didn’t stay for very long but I did find two Sherlock Holmes books to take out. I felt very happy doing so.


They still have the same bles in the front of the book for recording due dates but disappointingly they no longer stamp them. When I was little I always thought the date stamping was the best bit!