10943536A Study in Scarlet by 

I’ve always had it in the back of my mind to read some Sherlock Holmes. I never have until now, in part because I’ve imagined it to be quite a slow, difficult read. When the new television adaptations which transfers the Arthur Conan Doyle original stories to the modern day arrived on our screen I determined that I must go back to the originals…

I’ve finally got around to it, with this the first Sherlock adventure, and I am sorry that it’s taken so long. The stories are very easy to read, and almost modern in their style. Or at least that is so for Part One of A Study in Scarlet when the action revolves around Sherlock, John Watson, Inspector Lestrade, the murders and the mystery that surrounds the inscription in blood of ‘Rache’ to the walls.

Part Two of the book decamps with out so much as a warning to what transpires to be a flashback to Utah, but it is a story that confuses me to the point of wondering if it was a completely separate story. At the end it all comes together in a brilliantly Sherlockian way – as you would expect.

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