13242182Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell

For the first time in possibly a decade I’m reading more than I have in ages; disiplining myself to set aside time to read just as I have set aside writing time, and its working. So I’m trying to read a little bit more widely and out of my comfort zone. I’ve recently read Quentin Bates’ Frozen Assets, and as I’ve loved the BBC/Kenneth Brannah adaptation of Wallander, I thought I’d try one of Henning Mankell’s Nordic Noir…

What I found was an awkwardly plodding book which saw Wallander plodding through the routines of his investigations. After initially hooking me with the main, bloody, murder the story turns to another story that I expect to end up linked, but which, in the end is resolved with an ‘oh, okay then…’ fashion.

Whilst I will watch the adapations again, I’m not sure I like the Wallander of the books enough to continue.