I’m a high-user of social networking. I admit it. I have been for over a decade now, having started my Livejournal early in 2003 partly as a response to being bullied at work. Since then, I have met friends, networked with contacts, rekindled lost friendships, and met a girl who is now my wife through various forms of social networking.

When most people think of social networking they probably think of Facebook and Twitter. But there are countless of others: Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, amongst hundreds of others you have probably never heard of. I rember being shown a slide with them all on a while back.

In the last week I’ve investigated Ello, not that there is an awful lot to discover about Ello, and *technically* I have a Google+ account not that I ever use it. For ages I have had a Pinterest account (does anyone else call it Pin Interest? No, just me then…) but I have not really ever got a handle on what it is or how I use it so I have just kind of left it there, tucked away in a corner of the internet and nevere thought much of it – apart from why? when I got the the occasional follow request from someone. I mean really, why follow me on something I don’t use and have nothing (interesting or not) to say on!

This week though I have finally decided how I can use Pinterest successfully. As discussed yesterday I am in the middle of briefing designers for a cover for my forthcoming novel, Mr Tumnal, and I am finding that a Pinterest board is just what is required for gathering together ideas and examples to show someone.

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