Mullan_pb_proof.qxd How Novels Work by John Mullan

Whether you are already and an author, aspire to write books, or just enjoy reading them I would recommend this book to everyone. I would defy you to read this and not think about novels in another way.

The market is saturated with how to write books, but most are not actually very use. The best, are the one’s which are inspirational, rather than how to. When I first went to college to study writing I took with me John Fairfax’s and John Moat’s The Way To Write (a brilliantly original book that spawned a series of not-so good books).

This is not a how to write book, but it will teach you everything about how novels work. This is a book-lovers book. You will read each of the sections and both realise things that you had noticed but not ever really considered, and come away with it with a list a mile long of more books that you really should read to add to your TBR pile.