Last Saturday we visited the brilliant 26 Characters exhibition at Oxford’s Story Museum. This morning I was reading some of the accompanying book, and by chance I got to the bit where children’s author Frances Hardinge talks about why she chose The Scarlet Pimpernel as her favourite. In reading this I discovered that she was childhood friends of Rhiannon Lassiter.

Now I am friends/colleagues/fellow-author to Rhiannon, who also knows Michelle Harrison of 13 Treasures  fame and who worked at OUP at the same time as myself, and they both know Luisa Plaja, who I first met when we were both critiquing each other’s work on the WriteWords website.

Frances Hardinge’s books sounded interesting so, whilst in Bicester buying the meat and veg, I made use of our local independent bookseller, and picked up a copy of Frances’ Cuckoo Song, which sounds good albeit possibly scary as hell (I’m a wuss!).

63954_10152750891960630_8282827009920638743_nI love how, in some small way (and I do still feel a bit like I’m not a proper author because of my Indie status – I know, rediculous…), I am possibly part of, or on the cusp of some small group of writers that no each other.

It does just go to show what a small world this writing/author world is!