So, I’m back to work tomorrow after a nice, if tiring, seven days off. Tiring maybe, but its been a good mid-term break between Summer and Christmas. And productive too! Emma and I are now living in a transformed house, with the new-floor having been fitted by possibly the grumpiest of floor-fitters known to man. He’s done a good job though, and it feels so clean and spacious and ‘different’.

It’s been a busy old time though. Last week I did more decorating in the lead-up to The Floor. On Saturday I played in my band’s Rememberance Day concert which was brilliant. The sound of 6 tubas and 8 trombones reverberating across the stage was just amazing.

Sunday was less amazing, and spent cleaning out the animals (small job), and ripping up laminate flooring and old carpet ready for Monday.

Monday and Tuesday were mostly spent hiding in a coccoon of sanity upstairs in the bedroom on my bed (the only place left for me to go), reading, writing, internetting, and watching West Wing dvds to a percussion of banging from downstairs.

Today, with Emma being off too, was a much more leisurely sort of day pottering in the house putting it back to rights and going on an expedition to find a new rug to grace the new floor.

4259 / 80000 words. 5% done!

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