6226173The Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame

This is a classic book that has, on more than one occasion this year, jumped off the bookshelf again and shouted re-read me! Once, was when a section of it was used as a reading at Lucy and Luke’s – some very good friends of our’s – wedding, and again when we visited Neil Gaiman’s Badger installation at The Oxford Story Museum’s 26 Characters exhibition. But there have been other occasions too. Now, I finally got round to re-reading my slightly battered 1980 hardback edition with the wonderful Arthur Rackham illustrations…

Everybody knows the story of The Wind In The Willows, or at least everybody *thinks* they know the story. I wonder how many are like me and find them surprised that the story is not just the one that is often adapted which is the story of Mole meets Ratty, Mole and Ratty meet Toad, Toad gets himself arrested, Badger needed to defeat Weasels…?

The Wind In The Willows is not just the story of Mr Toad but a collection of tales from along the riverbank that each of our characters is at times the lead in. It’s a beautiful and enchanting book that everyone should read or re-read from time to time.