I’ve never been one for making the big New Year’s Resolutions that are forgotten by the end of the first month (if not the first week) of the new year. But I do like to take stock and try to form some broad aims.

In recent years these aims have included being generally fitter twelve months from now, or reading more (and in this last one I’ve done very well for the past two years). This year in addition to those two standing aims, I want to vow to play my flute more and do more practice.

This Christmas I’ve enjoyed playing notes out of a trumpet again – I think I may have exorcised some demons from past there – although one day I think I might like to get a trumpet of my own again as I can, kind of play it, to add another instrument to my repertoire. Whilst visiting my brothers I tinkled – in the losest of senses – on Ben’s piano and I enjoyed the fact that some of what I taught myself ten years ago wasn’t completely forgotten. I also haven’t forgotten that the piano is definitely not the instrument for me. Right hand playing one tune on treble clef whilst left hand plays something completely different in bass clef is a skill that is not made for me!!

But in the the meantime I have my flute and I have my piccolo and I think I should start first at playing those better – and yes, that does include finally learning how to play those illusive notes scarily stratopheric above the stave above top G. Yes, I need to start there, and do regular practice.

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