I enjoy getting feedback on my stories. My latest 5-star review, solicited from a blogger in return for an honest review, was amazing, and just the latest review which has asked for/expected a sequel. I wonder if this is book series culture coming out, that I don’t seem to be “allowed” to write a standalone novel these days. I always thought of Mr Tumnal as its own, complete, story with its end being The End.

That said, my characters have continued to talk to me which has led me to believe that maybe there might be something more. Today I had an idea which links in nicely with The Imaginary Wife in which Louis and Kathryn do both take on central roles again in another follow-on story. So maybe there will be a Mr Tumnal #2: The Imaginary Wife. It’s actually an exciting prospect. It enables the original story to remain itself, a standalone, but also allows my fans to enjoy the characters once again. This is good.