22632889A Song for Ella Grey by David Almond

Ever since I first read David Almond’s Skellig I have been a fan of his writing, and loved every one of his books, and this is no exception. A Song for Ella Grey is a story of “love that leads Ella, Orpheus Claire to the gates of Death and beyond”.

Just as with David Almond’s other books the the language is beautifully understated and simple but the stories are anything but; deep and rich, and mysterious. It is told mainly through prose, that, almost poetic at times, does as the story of Orpheus moves to a conclusion sprials into actual poetry, and then, just as the author has previously done with My Name Is Mina, utilises typgoraphic effects to further push home the story.

This is a story of teenagers on the cusp of becoming adults and finding themselves in the world. Ella and Claire are friends who you wonder if they are more than just friends, and Orpheus is the mysterious lyre-playing stranger who enters their lives.

A Song for Ella Grey is a beautiful and enchanting book with a dark secret which is both impossible to describe and to not recommend. Read it. Now.